Network for physiotherapists interested in limb absence and amputee rehabilitation

A man with a prosthetic leg doing a push up

About the network

The aims of this network are to:

  • encourage, promote and facilitate the interchange of ideas, research, knowledge and skills in amputee rehabilitation for education and practice:
    • sharing clinical guidelines
    • discussing and promoting the use of outcome measures
    • support pre-registration education
  • develop post registration education in amputee rehabilitation
  • provide support and information between members of the network.


Membership of this network is open to physiotherapists working or interested in working, in amputee rehabilitation, who belong to a World Physiotherapy member organisation. Membership of this network is free. You can apply for membership by sending an email with your name, country, World Physiotherapy member organisation you belong to, professional background and field of expertise to [email protected]. Through your membership you will be linked with colleagues who share the same background and interests, in your own country and worldwide.

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