World Physiotherapy Database of Volunteers and Experts

World Physiotherapy Database of Volunteers and Experts (World Physiotherapy DOVES) is a searchable database of people who have offered to volunteer their services to help develop the physiotherapy profession internationally.


We are frequently asked for advice on physiotherapy practice, education, research and policy by our member organisations, and organisations/institutes with which we collaborate. As we have limited internal human resources, we have compiled this database of people who are collectively working to develop the profession internationally.

How to help?

Please register if you are willing to support the development of the profession. It is an opportunity to share your expertise/experience/interest in physiotherapy practice, education, research, professional issues and global health.


When you register as a DOVE, you can choose whether your information is publicly available or only for use internally by us. Please note, if you choose to allow your contact details to be searched publicly, it will be possible for third parties to export these contact details to a spreadsheet. If you subsequently remove your consent, then it is possible you may still be contacted using details from these previously exported spreadsheets.

To withdraw from World Physiotherapy DOVES

You can withdraw your consent and delete your data at any time. To do this, please:

  1. login to your account
  2. click the pencil alongside your DOVES profile
  3. tick the box to Remove your DOVES registration
  4. click save

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