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Find out about the requirements, rights, and duties of being a World Physiotherapy member organisation

World Physiotherapy is the global body for national physiotherapy associations. We do not offer membership to individual physiotherapists.

Any national physiotherapy association that is interested in becoming a member of World Physiotherapy must complete an application form and submit it with the following documents in English:

  • the association's constitution/articles
  • the association's code of ethics
  • a list of the schools of physiotherapy in the country/territory, including qualifications, the number of students that qualify each year, and web, postal and email addresses. If there are no schools of physiotherapy in the country/territory, schools outside the country/territory that are approved by the association should be listed, together with the qualification (for example diploma, Bachelor's degree) required for membership in the association
  • the national curriculum or the curriculum approved by the association for full membership status in the association
  • a list of projects and activities completed by the association during the past year and its plans for the next year
  • details of any major issues currently facing the association and the profession in the country/territory
  • recent issues of the association's publications (such as a journal or newsletter) in the language in which they are published.

Membership requirements

The requirements for membership of World Physiotherapy are set out in our constitution:

  • the organisation must be a national professional membership organisation for physiotherapists
  • the majority of members of the organisation must be qualified physiotherapists
  • the majority of the individuals holding positions on the governing body of the organisation must be qualified physiotherapists
  • membership of the organisation must be open to all people who are eligible to practise physiotherapy in the country/territory where the organisation is based
  • the organisation must require its members to comply with a code of ethics, or equivalent document, that is consistent with our ethical principles
  • the organisation must agree to be bound by our constitution
  • the organisation must demonstrate it has capacity and commitment to comply with all the duties of member organisations.

Membership of World Physiotherapy is limited to one national professional membership organisation for physiotherapists per country/territory.

Rights of World Physiotherapy member organisations

Our member organisations may:

  • participate in the activities of World Physiotherapy in accordance with the constitution
  • exercise any power or function that the constitution requires to be exercised or implemented by the member organisations
  • participate in policy development by making suggestions at general meetings and to the board and chief executive officer at any time
  • attend, present proposals, speak, and vote at general meetings in accordance with the constitution
  • request advocacy and other practical support from World Physiotherapy to assist efforts to improve the situation of physiotherapists in its country/territory
  • participate in the establishment of subgroups in accordance with the constitution
  • apply for assistance from World Physiotherapy's funds in accordance with our regulations.

Duties of World Physiotherapy member organisations

Each member organisation must:

  • comply with and observe the constitution and any resolution passed by the member organisations or determination made by the board under the constitution
  • comply with all regulations and procedures which may be created, amended or replaced in accordance with the constitution
  • pay to World Physiotherapy any annual membership subscriptions in accordance with the constitution
  • send to the chief executive officer a copy of all amendments to its governing documents and codes of ethics when requested and within 180 calendar days beginning with the date any such amendments are decided
  • send to the chief executive officer, when requested and within 30 calendar days of any change, the name and contact details of the head of the governing body
  • inform the chief executive officer about national events and developments relevant to physiotherapy on a regular basis and when requested
  • provide any reports and information requested by the chief executive officer or board
  • exercise its powers as a member organisation of World Physiotherapy in the way it decides in good faith will further the objects of World Physiotherapy
  • promote the objects and work of World Physiotherapy
  • submit to the laws of England in respect of any disputes between a member organisation and World Physiotherapy.

Confirmation of membership

Member organisations consider any recommendations made by our executive board to approve a national physiotherapy association's application for membership once a year. Member organisations may, by a resolution passed by a majority of member organisations entitled to vote, approve or refuse an organisation's application for admission to membership. The member organisations' decision is final.


If you would like to discuss how your national physiotherapy association could become a member of World Physiotherapy, please contact Heidi Kosakowski, head of membership, on [email protected]

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