COVID-19 information hub

World Physiotherapy is a global hub for information and resources about COVID-19 relevant to the physiotherapy profession.

Each country/territory will have its own response to COVID-19. Please defer to information from your national physiotherapy association, government, or infection control body. If you do not have these organisations or structures in your country/territory, please defer to WHO guidelines.

If your national physiotherapy association does not have technical guidance about infection prevention and control, please defer to the WHO guidance.

This content will be updated regularly. Please email any additional information or resources to be included to [email protected]

The COVIDPhysio Registry will be an important tool for tracking activity, promoting collaboration and avoiding duplication in effort.

Resources have been collated from reputable sources, but in most cases it has not been possible for World Physiotherapy to quality assure the information provided.

Information hub

COVIDPhysio Registry

Find out what is going on – a list of projects and activities to support the global profession and responses to the pandemic.

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Practice based resources

Covering acute care, infection prevention and control, MSK, guidelines, education on COVID management, digital/telehealth and private practice.

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Long Covid

Resources to support in the understanding and management of the consequences of Long Covid

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World PT Day materials

The materials produced for World PT Day 2020 are aimed at the general public and focus on rehabilitation and COVID-19 and accessing physiotherapy services via telehealth.

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