COVID-19: Education based resources

Supporting changes in physiotherapist entry level education.

To support universities, Physiopedia is providing 30 days free access to Physioplus.

The World Physiotherapy network for physiotherapy educators Facebook group is an important platform for resources to support many of the changes happening for educators arising from COVID-19, including developments in online education and assessment.

The International Neurological Physical Therapy Association (INPA) hosted a webinar on Teaching NeuroPT in These Crazy Times: Challenges and Opportunities on 30 April 2020. Visit their website for more details.

INPTRA webinar on TelehealthClinical Education Considerations on 7 May 2020. Visit the INPTRA website for more details.

InBeta has a section on moving to online learning for physiotherapy.

Listen to the BJSM podcast – Educators in a Dangerous Time: effective online healthcare education with Dr Jackie Whittaker.

The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy have produced the following resources:


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