Global physiotherapy communities of practice 

A number of groups come together, either formally or informally, to facilitate connections and networking, and to advance physiotherapy. Here are some global physiotherapy communities of practice.

These groups are not part of World Physiotherapy, and do not have any official status or recognition with World Physiotherapy.

If you know of a group that could be included as a global physiotherapy community of practice, please contact [email protected]

Critical physiotherapy network

The Critical Physiotherapy Network is an international collaborative network of critically-informed academics, clinicians, and researchers who draw on the health sciences, social sciences, and the humanities to explore, challenge, and develop physiotherapy theory and practice.

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Digital practice: physiotherapy in the digital age

A group for physiotherapists around the world interested in digital physiotherapy and/or informatics.

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Environmental Physiotherapy Association

A network of physiotherapy clinicians, educators, researchers, and students interested in exploring and advancing the field of environmental physiotherapy.

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Health promotion in life and work

This group aims to encourage physiotherapists to promote health and healthy lifestyles in life and work, foster networking with physiotherapists who are experts in health promotion, behaviour change and disability prevention, exchange evidence-based knowledge and best practice, and facilitate collaborative research to create change in physiotherapy education and practice.

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History: International Physiotherapy History Association

The International Physiotherapy History Association (IPHA) is for physiotherapy academics, clinicians, researchers, and students, along with other health professionals, historians, regulators, and others interested in bringing the history of physiotherapy to life.

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Hospital based physiotherapists

A group for physiotherapists around the world working in hospitals in the private and public sectors.

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Intellectual and development disability

This is a group for physiotherapists aimed at facilitating communication about health issues and management of people with intellectual and developmental disability or cognitive impairment. It encourages exchange of information and ideas about best practices in health and wellness management for this population.

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Journal editors: International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors

The International Society of Physiotherapy Journal Editors provides a forum to discuss issues related to the publication of physiotherapy journals, enhance collaboration (sharing and learning) among physiotherapy journals, facilitate improvement in quality of publications within the field of physiotherapy, and promote physiotherapy publications worldwide. Membership is open to editors, associate editors, editorial board members, and past editors of journals that publish material related to physiotherapy. These journals should be associated with a physiotherapy association or have physiotherapists as most of their subscribers.

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Limb absence and amputee rehabilitation

A closed group for physiotherapists working in or interested in limb absence or amputee rehabilitation. The group aims to encourage, promote, and facilitate the interchange of ideas, research, knowledge, resources, and skills in amputee rehabilitation for education and practice.

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Long Covid Physio

Long COVID Physio is an international peer support, education and advocacy, patient-led association of physiotherapists living with Long COVID, and allies. They work internationally across advocacy, policy, guideline development, and research. Their education outputs are for anybody living with Long COVID and people wanting to learn more.

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Pain management

This group aims to increase awareness of worldwide issues in the understanding, assessment, and management of pain and the impact suboptimal pain management has upon society. It encourages the development of physiotherapy in the field of complex pain management - prevention, interventions, and research, and promotes the biopsychosocial model of people-centred care in the assessment and management of pain. The group also sees collaborative networking with likeminded and appropriate professional and multi-professional organisations as vital for the development of better pain understanding worldwide.

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Spinal cord injury: International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists

The International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Physiotherapists (SCI-PT) aims to facilitate communication, encourage exchange of information and ideas, foster collaborative research, provide support to less-resourced countries, develop educational material, increase awareness of worldwide issues in SCI, and provide a means of gauging opinions and recommendations which can be fed back to interested organisations.

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Specialty groups

Specialty groups are important independent organisations in their own right. They have a specific area of interest, and promote the advancement of physiotherapy and exchange of scientific knowledge in their field.

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