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World Physiotherapy reprints policy and procedure


World Physiotherapy owns the copyright for all its publications. However, in general, it is happy for any of its publications to be reproduced, in whole or part; for its documents to be used as the basis for statements by other organisations; or translated into languages other than English. However, World Physiotherapy must be attributed, and organisations and individuals must consult World Physiotherapy before going ahead with a translation or publication.

General terms and conditions

World Physiotherapy has 128 member organisations. It works to improve global health by: representing the physiotherapy profession internationally; encouraging high standards of physiotherapy research, education and practice; supporting communication and exchange of information among World Physiotherapy's regions and member organisations; collaborating with international and national organisations.

World Physiotherapy produces a range of materials to support the work of its member organisations and advance the profession internationally.

While specific reprint policies apply to each World Physiotherapy publication (see procedures relating to specific content), in general, World Physiotherapy is happy for materials to be used electronically, online or in print for the advancement of the profession, as long as the following conditions are followed:

  • material may be consulted online, printed out directly or downloaded and saved to personal computers
  • if an organisation wishes to reprint a document in part or as a whole, permission must be requested from World Physiotherapy
  • no changes (including additions and deletions) should be made to the copied or reused material without prior written approval
  • explicit permission must be obtained by any organisation wishing to reproduce any publication/website content:
    • in quantities of 50 or more
    • in a language other than English
    • if it is being used in a class or for training purposes where participants are required to pay a fee
    • reprint material in a publication, for example a newsletter.


Reprint/permissions requests

All reprint/permissions requests should be made to [email protected]

Permission applies only to the material and use specified in any correspondence. New requests should be made for any subsequent use.


Permission from World Physiotherapy must always be requested by any individual or organisation wishing to translate its materials into languages other than English.


There may be a charge for reprinting or use of material. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

Procedures relating to specific content


World Physiotherapy's eNews provides news and information about the global physiotherapy profession, including reports on World Physiotherapy initiatives, board and general meeting decisions, news from member organisations, regions, and specialty groups, and other information relevant to the profession. 

News items and features may be reprinted and used by World Physiotherapy’s member organisations, regions and specialty groups, so long as: 

  • the item is referenced appropriately and the following wording added: "Used with the permission of World Physiotherapy" and
  • the material will not be used for commercial or for-profit purposes without permission.

Other individuals and organisations should seek permission from World Physiotherapy.

Policy documents

World Physiotherapy's policy statements set out its agreed stance or opinion on a range of topics. They are important tools for informing health and social policy around the world, and furthering the development of the profession and service delivery. There are four categories of World Physiotherapy policy documents: education; professional issues; professional practice; social issues. Many policies are supported by additional resources, such as guidelines.

World Physiotherapy’s member organisations, regions and specialty groups may reprint and use these documents. Where documents can be edited to provide contextual information/clarity this is indicated within the document. Otherwise no changes should be made to the copied or reused material without prior written approval from World Physiotherapy.

Other individuals and organisations should seek permission from World Physiotherapy.

Website content

Information from individual website pages may be copied, downloaded and distributed so long as:

  • World Physiotherapy is acknowledged as the source
  • the World Physiotherapy website address is provided
  • the date the material was downloaded or copied is stated.

No changes should be made without prior written approval of World Physiotherapy.

All reprint requests should be submitted to [email protected]

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