Photograph of members voting at World Physiotherapy general meeting


Find out about membership of World Physiotherapy

World Physiotherapy is the global body for national physiotherapy associations. Only one national association per country/territory is eligible for World Physiotherapy membership and must meet set criteria before being admitted. 

We do not offer membership to individual physiotherapists but, as a physiotherapist, you are linked to World Physiotherapy through your national association. 

World Physiotherapy member organisations are grouped into regions according to their geographical position.

Annual membership census

We collect and publish key data, provided by our member organisations, to present a view of the global physiotherapy profession in an annual membership census. Every year we ask our member organisations to complete the annual membership census, and we use the responses to produce a report about the physiotherapy profession in the relevant country/territory.  

Some of our member organisations and regions may also separately collect additional data to meet their specific needs.

Our member organisations and regions