Photograph showing CEO at a workshop in Mali as part of the SUDA project

Our impact

We measure the impact of our work to move the physiotherapy profession forward in many ways

We measure the impact of our work to advance the physiotherapy profession across the globe because it:

  • demonstrates our accountability to key stakeholders
  • shows how we align our strategic objectives with our operational activities.

Our impact reporting will show how successful we are in increasing awareness of physiotherapy and its contribution to health and wellbeing

When we measure and report on our impact, we are being transparent about our work, our activities, and our processes. We do this by:

  • taking responsibility for our impact and encouraging others to take responsibility for their impact
  • focusing on our purpose
  • involving others in how we undertake our work
  • using relevant and appropriate methods and resources
  • considering the full range of difference we make
  • being honest and open
  • being willing to change and act on what we find
  • sharing our plans to make an impact.

Impact of congress

Every two years we hold a congress and bring together the global physiotherapy profession. More than 5,000 people from 131 countries came together in Geneva, Switzerland, for WCPT Congress 2019.

  • 65% were first time delegates
  • 2,002 abstracts were presented
  • women made up 61% of the 1,848 speakers
  • 33 people received a bursary to attend congress
  • livestream videos were played 11,733 times.

Congress reports

View and download reports on the impact of our 2019 congress