COVID-19: Other organisations

Find out what other organisations and evidence based information providers have produced.

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Health and Ergonomics (ACPOHE) has produced Recovering From COVID-19: Return-To Work Guidance. It has been developed to assist all physiotherapists and relevant healthcare professionals in supporting employees to rehabilitate and successfully return to work following COVID-19.

Amnesty International report on the experiences of healthcare workers in the acute response to COVID-19

BMJ has a Best Practice collection on COVID-19

Cochrane Collaboration

Consejo General de Colegios de Fisioterapeutas de Espana has produced an information document: Informacion Covid-19 para fisioterapeutas (PDF).

European Commission has a COVID-19 response resource centre.

Evidence Aid is a not-for-profit organisation which specialises in collating and summarising the best-available evidence about how to effectively prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies and they have a COVID resource section. Material is being translated.

FutureLearn offers a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world and has a course on COVID developed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, a world leader in research and postgraduate education in public and global health. They are offering free access to the course for its duration + 14 days, regardless of when you join their platform.

International Committee of the Red Cross has produced guidelines for people working in its physical rehabilitation programme and centres available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

JAMA Network has created a dedicated COVID-19 resource centre.

LitCovid is a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus. It provides a central access to 1,120 (and growing) research articles in PubMed. The articles are updated daily and are further categorised by different research topics and geographic locations for improved access.

NCD Alliance has a resource centre collating and directing to resources in support of the population with NCDs, a vulnerable group for COVID-19.

New England Journal of Medicine has a collection of COVID-19 resources.

New Zealand Guidance for the rehabilitation of people with or recovering from COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand

NHS (UK) has created useful reference videos on Putting on personal protective equipment (PPE) and Taking off personal protective equipment (PPE).

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) produced an informative video on using personal protective equipment (PPE) and a report on Rehabilitation considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Lancet COVID-19 resource centre.

World Health Professions Alliance press release calling governments to prioritise support for healthcare workers in the front line against coronavirus and especially provision of PPE.



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