COVID-19: Member organisations' resources

These materials produced by World Physiotherapy member organisations to support members in their country/territory but they may also be of relevance to others.

While these materials have been produced for members in their country/territory, the resources may be useful to others. They should be reviewed for national relevance and applicability.

Australia: Australian Physiotherapy Association offering resources on advocacy, infection prevention and control, telehealth and business continuity. Coronavirus (COVID-19) – what you need to know and Managing Aquatic Physiotherapy Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia.

Austria: Austrian Physiotherapy Association offering resources on practice, telehealth, and financial advice. Coronavirus: information for physiotherapists

Belgium: Axxon, Physical Therapy in Belgium offering resources in Dutch and French

Canada: Canadian Physiotherapy Association resources for advocacy, telehealth, and webinar series CPA COVID-19 resource centre 

Colombia: Colombian Association of Physiotherapy information and resources for physiotherapists and the general public Estrategias y lineamientos técnicos sobre el Covid-19

Czech Republic: Union of Physiotherapists of the Czech Republic resource area covering local advice for members Information about the situation with COVID-19 for physiotherapists

Finland: Finnish Association of Physiotherapists resources and information for members Koronavirus – ohjeita fysioterapeuteille

France: French National Council of Physiotherapists resource area covering practice advice, working conditions and digital tools.

Germany: German Association for Physiotherapy advice for members on infection prevention, working conditions and financial support. Current information for physiotherapy practices around coronavirus

Ghana: Ghana Physiotherapy Association guidelines for Physiotherapy management for COVID-19 in the primary, community and acute (hospital) settings (PDF)

Greece: Panhellenic Physiotherapists' Association advice and information for members  Νέος κορωνοϊός Covid-19

Haiti: Haitian Physiotherapy Society guidelines for physiotherapists providing care in hospital, clinics, and in the community. 

Ireland: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists resources for practice, infection prevention, telehealth and national direction. Member update: COVID-19, publications produced by ISCP's Respiratory Care Clinical Interest Group:

Italy: Italian Association of Physiotherapists guidance for practice developed with the Italian Association of Respiratory Physiotherapists (ARIR) available in Italian Information about COVID-19 for physiotherapists and patients and English

Japan: Japanese Physical Therapy Association guidance about COVID-19 and exercise Video: tips and exercises for people in quarantine or self-isolation 

Mexico: Mexican Association of Physiotherapy general information about COVID-19 (PDF) and the role of physiotherapists and COVID-19 (PDF)

New Zealand: Physiotherapy New Zealand guidance for members and telehealth advice Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Philippines: Philippine Physical Therapy Association produced an FAQ guide for its members Statement on COVID-19 and Interim recommendations on physical therapy services during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF)

Poland: Polish Chamber of Physiotherapists resources and information in Polish and English and guideline for physiotherapy of adult patients produced by the Polish Respiratory Physiotherapy Expert Group in Polish (PDF) and English (PDF)

Portugal: Portuguese Association of Physiotherapists resource area for physiotherapists and patients including links to national advice COVID-19 resources

Romania: Order of Physiotherapists in Romania resource area for physiotherapists COVID-19 – INFORMAȚII, COMUNICATE ȘI RECOMANDĂRI

South Africa: South African Society of Physiotherapy is keeping its members updated with news features and guidance including Practical guidance for physiotherapists in private and public sectors to consider related to COVID-19 (PDF) and FAQs (PDF).

Spain: Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas (AEF) has made the latest edition of their publication El Fisioterapeuta (PDF) open access so more Spanish-speaking physiotherapists can learn about physiotherapists’ response in Spain.

AEF's primary care and community health subgroup has developed Reordenación de la actividad de fisioterapia en atención primaria (PDF) and has produced guidelines about managing patients in hospital and at home during lockdown Fisioterapia respiratoria en el manejo del paciente con COVID-19: recomendaciones generales (PDF)

Taiwan: Taiwan Physical Therapy Association exercise and wellbeing videos Video: relaxation and respiratory exercises and Video: exercises to boost the immune system

UK: Chartered Society of Physiotherapy resource centre including advice for practice, education, workplace, private practice, digital health and mental health and wellbeing. Information and guidance about coronavirus

US: American Physical Therapy Association resource area including practice guidance for members Coronavirus: Information for APTA Members

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