COVID-19: Briefing papers

A series of briefing papers exploring the impact of COVID-19 on education, practice, and advocacy issues

Briefing paper 1

Immediate impact on the higher education sector and response to delivering physiotherapist entry level education

Download briefing paper 1 (PDF)

Briefing paper 2

Rehabilitation and the vital role of physiotherapy 

Download briefing paper 2 (PDF)

Albanian: Rehabilitimi dhe roli jetik i fizioterapisë (PDF)

Spanish: rehabilitacion y el papel esencial de la fisioterapia (PDF)

Briefing paper 3

Immediate impact of COVID-19 on students and the response to delivering physiotherapist entry level education

Download briefing paper 3 (PDF)

Briefing paper 4

The impact on entry level education and the responses of regulators

Download briefing paper 4 (PDF)

Briefing paper 5

The impact of COVID-19 on fragile health systems and vulnerable communities

Download briefing paper 5 (PDF)

Spanish: el impacto del COVID-19 en los sistemas de salud fragiles y comunidades vulnerables y el papel de los fisioterapeutas en las tareas de rehabilitacion


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