Guyana: World PT Day 2020

The Guyana Physiotherapy Association marked World PT Day 2020 by demonstrating the crucial role of physiotherapists throughout the COVID-19 pandemic at the Guyana Public Hospital Corporation.

Via an interview published in the Guyana Chronicle, physiotherapists at the hospital described how they have continued to care for patients needing eg rehabilitation after surgery both in the hospital and using telemedicine. They also describe how the physiotherapy department was tasked with going into the COVID-19 intensive care unit where they carried out respiratory physiotherapy and mobilisation exercises. 

When asked what makes physiotherapy important, the hospital's principal physiotherapist, Beverley Nelson, said: ' helps that individual to get back to his/her previous level of functioning based on what his/her condition is. I think we don't realise how important it is until there is an injury to an arm or leg and then we realise how important each part of the body is."

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