Kuwait: World PT Day 2021

The theme of World PT Day 2021 focused on Long COVID and rehabilitation. The Kuwait Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) decided to emphasise its activities on the declared theme by preparing live interviews in different media programs in Kuwait (TV and radio stations) and posted multiple videos in social media, mainly on its Instagram and Twitter accounts (@kptaq8).

The activities included:

  1. Five videos of breathing exercises (performed by a volunteering PT), by following the exercises suggested in the flyer of breathing exercises published on the World Physiotherapy website.
  2. A video of one patient who was hospitalised due to COVID-19, talking about his journey since he was firstly diagnosed, ICU experience – including ECMO- and followed by his experience with physical therapy in acute and chronic stages as he’s still taking PT sessions as an outpatient
  3. Radio & TV interviews with Board members (in Arabic/English Languages) for raising awareness about the PT world day, as follows
  • Radio interview with General Secretary Abeer Al-Tajalli on 30 August
  • Radio interview with President of KPTA Hana Al-Khamees on 7 September
  • Radio interview with board member Fatma Askar on 8 September
  • TV interview with President of KPTA Hana Al-Khamees on 8 September



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