Kuwait: World PT Day 2022

The theme of World PT Day 2022 focused on Osteoarthritis: a global problem. The Kuwait Physical Therapy Association (KPTA) decided to emphasize its activities on the declared theme by arranging an event in one of the famous sports Clubs in Kuwait “Qadsiya” by organising an event on World PT Day itself (8 September).

The KPTA committees (Scientific & Awareness Committee; & Social & Sports Committee) prepared many activities for the sports club residents and visitors. There were also live interviews in different media programs in Kuwait (TV and radio stations), as well as multiple videos posted on social media, mainly on its Instagram and Twitter accounts (@kptaq8). Kuwait University students also participated in the event as volunteers along with PTs from governmental and private sectors.  

The activities included:

  1. Five stations: Testing of ROM, muscle power & balance, general health and fitness questionnaire, two stations for printing materials (including the WPTD flyers and different specialties of orthopedics, and lastly a station hosting PT experts in orthopedic who have a PhD degree and are well-known in Kuwait: Dr. Ali Al-Attar, dr. Noor Abdal, dr. Jawad Aboalhasan & dr. Najla Alserri (in which they presented a lecture about OA-PT program and PT practice in Kuwait) to the PT volunteers and students.
  2. An extra station was provided for a competition on stationary bikes.
  3. A group therapy session (provided by a physiotherapist who is also licensed as a yoga instructor). 
  4. Radio and TV interviews with Board members (in Arabic/English languages) for raising awareness about World PT Day, as follows: 
  • Radio interviews: with General Secretary Abeer Al-Tajalli (The Breakfast Show & An Hour With Us Show on the English Station, and OFM Channel The Late Night Show (Arabic Station). With the Treasury Abeer Al-Ajeel (Arabic Station) The Medical Gate Show.
  • TV interview with President of KPTA Hana Al-Khamees  & General Secretary Abeer Al-Tajalli on AL-Majles channel (Kuwait Today Show).

At the end, the board members took an opportunity to officially declare the opening of the KPTA New Residence which is located in Al-Gadsiya sports club (4th floor) as both the General Secretary of the club and the manager of medical center participated in the opening ceremony.

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