Lebanon: World PT Day 2023

Based on the World Health Orgaization global action plan on physical activity for the period 2018-2030, and on the occasion of World Physical Therapy Day on 8 September, the Order of Physiotherapists in Lebanon (OPTL) organised an awareness month during September 2023, entitled "The Power of Physical Activity with Physiotherapists."

Under the slogan “Move to Improve” and the patronage of the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Information in Lebanon, the goal of the awareness month was to increase public awareness about the importance of physical activity and its benefits in improving individuals' health. It also highlighted the significance of the profession and the role of physiotherapists in healthcare for patients, promoting health awareness, preventing diseases and injuries, and adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

During the month OPTL carried out a variety of physical and educational activities across all Lebanese territories, including: 

  • youthful bike ride
  • active aging
  • family walk
  • mini marathon for children with disabilities
  • awareness sessions targeting persons with chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease

Activities were prepared by physiotherapists in coordination and partnerships with physiotherapist students in all Lebanese universities, municipalities, local NGOs, community resources, individuals and sponsors. In addition to the activities prepared, an informative brochure was prepared and distributed for participants in three languages (Arabic, English and French). 

Television campaign

A television campaign was also prepared and launched on the Lebanese channels during peak times, with the aim to encourage individuals to do physical activities and to join OPTL in its activities in different areas. 


On 30 September OPTL organised its annual scientific conference entitled: “Moving forward: Embracing the future. Lebanese and foreign lecturers presented, including Michel Landry, President of World Physiotherapy, Mrs Pascale Mathieu, President of the National Council of the Order of Physiotherapists in France, and a number of official Lebanese and foreign guests and speakers. 
A discussion session was held regarding the systems and laws related to the profession of physiotherapy, the importance of their development and implementation, effective monitoring of their practice, and holding violators accountable. In addition, it emphasized the necessity of regulating the media posts, ensuring the proper transfer of information, and how to advance the profession and keep pace with its progress on the national and international levels. The session featured the representative of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Deputy Haider Nasser, the representative of the Minister of Information, Mrs Alissar Naddaf, the representative of the Director-General of Higher Education, Dr. Hania Naqash, the President of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, Professor Youssef Bakhach, and the President of the Lebanese Order of Physiotherapists, Dr. Saida Sassine. The discussion was moderated by a member of the Disciplinary Council of the LOPT, Dr. Roger Ziadah. 

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