Qatar: World PT Day 2021

Activities were held at the Heart Hospital, Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar to mark World PT Day 2021.

Every year, the Cardiac Rehab Physiotherapy team celebrate World PT Day in Heart Hospital. This year two activities were planned and executed in the month of September. One was an Information board to the public to create awareness about Long COVID and other was a walking challenge for Heart hospital staff.

The Information board included the posters produced by World Physiotherapy related to this year’s campaign theme “Long COVID and Physiotherapy”. The posters were in both English and Arabic languages explaining ‘What is long COVID?’, ‘Rehabilitation and Long COVID’, ‘Breathing exercises’, ‘Fatigue and post-exertional symptom exacerbation’, 'How to use pacing with your physiotherapist’. The board was kept for public view in the main lobby of Heart hospital.

The walking challenge was conducted 12-16 September to promote physical activity among Heart hospital staff. “Yalla! Walking challenge” was the name of the challenge. “Yalla” is the non-formal and common Arabic word of “Let’s go”. The challenge was hosted through a mobile application, “Strava”. This allowed the participants to join a group/club and interact with each other about the walking performed during the day. All Heart hospital staff were invited to join the challenge. A promotional video and instruction posters were circulated among all units in the facility. There was good participation from the staff. The first three winners were selected based on their daily participation, distance covered by walking and the time taken for completion of the activity. Winners were felicitated through a culminating ceremony that was arranged in Heart hospital auditorium on 3 October 2021.

The Cardiac Rehab Physiotherapy team would like to acknowledge our leaders in Heart hospital and Cardiac Rehab department for supporting us in celebrating the World PT Day. Our sincere thanks to the HMC Media department in creating the posters for the ‘Yalla! Walking challenge’.

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