Sweden: World PT Day 2021

To mark World PT Day 2021, the Swedish Association of Physiotherapists held a campaign under the theme: What is the name of yourphysiotherapist?

The campaign demonstrated how physiotherapists can help you in all aspects of life when you have problems with muscles and joints or need help to regain mobility. It also emphasised the role of physiotherapy to support people who need to get started with physical activity to improve their health.

Several films were made to demonstrate this: www.fysioterapeuterna.se/Om-forbundet/Forbundets-politik/vad-heter-din-fysioterapeut/

Physiotherapist of the year was also named: www.fysioterapeuterna.se/Om-forbundet/nyheter/2021/2021/malin-nygren-bonnier-ar-arets-fysioterapeut-2021/

In addition, the President of the association, Cecilia Winberg, published a video greeting to mark the day: www.fysioterapeuterna.se/Om-forbundet/nyheter/2021/2021/halsning-pa-fysioterapins-dag/

The activities were also promoted via the association's social media, such as Facebook and Instagram.

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