Digital health (SEM-02)

Digital health technologies in physiotherapy: possibilities, challenges and experiences


Use of digital health technologies in physiotherapy practice and care has a lot of potential. The panel members aim to facilitate the use of technologies by providing specific case examples involving specific technologies, which in the end, resulted in better health outcomes for the patient. These practical examples will create more awareness of the wide range of possibilities in this field. Next, challenges within the implementation of digital health technologies in physiotherapy practice will be discussed.

After a short introduction by the chair on current use of technology in physiotherapy, including barriers and enablers, exemplars and case studies will be presented and discussed with the audience. Each case has a different focus and will be followed by discussion with the audience on the potential of these technologies, as well as context related barriers and facilitators for implementing these technologies in daily practice.
The topics include:

  • Collecting and using big data in physiotherapy
  • Advanced rehabilitation technology in physiotherapy (e.g VR, telemedicine)
  • Wearables in physiotherapy
  • Health apps in physiotherapy

At the end of the seminar, we will summarize the presentations and discussions in take home messages.


  1. Create awareness of possibilities, added value and challenges of the use of digital health technologies in physiotherapy
  2. Demonstrate practical example of digital health technologies and how it positively impacted clinical outcomes, including tips for implementing digital health technologies in different contexts
  3. Discuss competencies needed by physiotherapists to effectively use digital health technologies in daily care

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