Yao N.-J.1, Lan T.-Y.2, Kuo S.-H.2, Jeng S.-F.1, Chang C.-H.3, Gau S.S.-F.3,4,5
1National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy, Taipei, Taiwan, 2National Taiwan University Hospital, Departments of Internal Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan, 3National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, School of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan, 4National Taiwan University Hospital, Department of Psychiatry and Medical Genetics, Taipei, Taiwan, 5National Taiwan University, College of Medicine, Psychiatry and Graduate Institute of Brain and Mind Sciences, Taipei, Taiwan

Background: Children and adults with attention difficulties may benefit from attention training to improve their attention and probably reduce their behavioral problems. However, the health education with effective attention training which can be disseminated easily with social media has been rarely presented.

Purpose: To design a non-profit audio-visual material and expand the influence via social media to promote health awareness and teach home exercises of attention training for general population.

Methods: Medline, Cochrane and Google search (1990 to 2016) for English-language and Chinese-language were used. The reviews, meta-analysis, books and randomized controlled trials of attention trainings or interventions were included. The audio-visual material was originally recorded and designed using Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Premiere Pro and published on social media.

Results: Reducing environmental interference, exercises, Omega-3 supplement and behavioral attention training were pointed out in the video. We also provided questionnaire links including SNAP-IV and ASRS-V1.1 for self-screening. To increase the influence, the video was posted on the Facebook page ( and the Youtube channel ( with sixty thousand followers to subscribe. These two social media pages were designed for health promotion and received 5.0 of 5 stars from more than three hundred reviews. The video was encouraged to be shared for non-profit use and a high reach rate on social media was noted.

Conclusion(s): Studies showed the attention training reduced the attention and behavioral problems. The attention training animation videos on social media is an influential innovative method of health promotion for general population.

Implications: Since the medical knowledge are usually difficult and boring for the general public, the medical professionals can apply an effective approach to health promotion and make people learn actively on health issues.

Funding acknowledgements: We thank the professors and physicians in National Taiwan University Hospital for the support. No external funding was received.

Topic: Education: methods of teaching & learning

Ethics approval: No ethics approval was required.

All authors, affiliations and abstracts have been published as submitted.

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