Hospital based physiotherapy (SEM-03)

Quality Improvement of hospital-based physical therapy


Worldwide, patients deserve quality physical therapy care and management. This is important for improved patient health outcome and overall population health. It further enhances physical therapists’ role in hospital-based treatment and interdisciplinary teams. In this seminar the focus will be on ways hospital-based physical therapists can improve quality, against the background of and tension with global quality systems and improvement tools like Joint Commission International (JCI) and Qmentum. Using the definition of the European Framework for Quality (EFQM-model), speakers will present their experiences with quality improvement for hospital based physical therapists within the unique context of their culture. The measurement methods, including rationale and evidence, will be outlined. The most important statements of each presentation, and interculturally differences, will be presented to the audience for discussion.


  1. To construct a global definition of quality hospital-based physical therapy in context of global quality systems while comparing and contrasting differences between countries
  2. To understand how to align quality systems of hospital-based physical therapy with national policy, regulation or guidelines of the professional association while utilizing differences between countries to improve implementation
  3. To identify evidence based models for quality in hospital based physical therapy including measurement, improvement, and sustainment

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