Justice-centered rehabilitation (DS-02)


Globally, the current offer of rehabilitation services is inadequate and inequitably distributed. Physiotherapists are expected to contribute to the development and delivery of rehabilitation services and are obliged to work toward achieving justice for all people in the provision of these services. Developing and delivering justice-centered services requires us to incorporate the concept into our planning, implementation, and sustainability efforts. When we develop and deliver justice-centered services, what exactly is the concept around which we are centering? How do we practically develop and deliver justice-centered services? What are the pitfalls and challenges, as well as, facilitators that we face?


  • Introduce some key ideas associated with justice
  • Explore practical ways that physiotherapists have developed and delivered justice-centered rehabilitation services
  • Discuss pitfalls that can cause the unintentional development of inequities in the development and delivery of rehabilitation services

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