Knowledge mobilisation (SEM-04)

Knowledge mobilisation: Strategies to help use best evidence in clinical practice


Globally, millions of patients do not receive physical therapy care according to scientific guidelines. Implementing best-evidence into practice is complex and challenging. This interactive session will explore the opportunities and complexities of ensuring best evidence is translated into practice. Knowledge mobilisation can, at its simplest, be defined as ‘moving knowledge to where it can be most useful’. Attendees will learn about key knowledge mobilisation strategies applied across a range of different contexts globally (clinical practice, education, research, policy) and then reflect upon how these may be utilised in their own setting. Several interactive mediums will be used to explore knowledge mobilisation including technology, art and spoken word. This panel represents multiple countries and seeks to stimulate discussion to bring together key messages from patients and practitioners relevant for an international audience.


  1. To increase understanding of knowledge mobilisation and how it impacts physiotherapy practice
  2. To explore and experience strategies for effective knowledge mobilisation and consider these from a patient perspective
  3. To explore the opportunities and challenges faced in international knowledge mobilisation (including diversity, cultural representation and socioeconomic background in community stakeholder engagement)

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