Paediatrics: activity and participation (SEM-05)

Pediatric Physical Therapy: Global partnerships to promote physical activity and participation


This seminar highlights pediatric physiotherapy research that examines activity and participation in infants, children and adolescents with disabilities. Panel members will provide an overview of their specific research projects and share their clinical expertise in activity-based and/or participation-based interventions and outcomes. The presentations emphasize strategies to promote fitness, physical activity, mobility and community participation across the childhood lifespan, among different diagnoses and highlighting different environments where children may receive physiotherapy services (hospital, clinic, community).
A goal of this seminar is to create global partnerships and international collaborations in paediatric physical therapy research and service delivery through discussion and networking. All panel presenters are members of the International Organization for Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP) Research Committee. Our hope is to heighten awareness and interest in this committee to encourage international research collaborations.


  1. Describe research and evidence that focuses on physical activity and participation across the childhood disability lifespan
  2. Discuss evidence on strategies to promote physical activity and participation across environments where children with disabilities receive PT services
  3. Promote networking opportunities for global pediatric PT research programs

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