Trauma based physiotherapy (SEM-07)

Unpacking the Black Box of Complex Trauma Based Physiotherapy Interventions


Trauma survivors present with a wide range of physical and psychological symptoms leading to disorders including PTSD, anxiety, depression, persistent pain and chronic stress. The impact of this at an individual level results in a decrease in functioning, resilience and social participation.

Physical therapy interventions have great potential to help address these challenges and are increasingly relevant in the current climate. This session utilizes a case study approach to explore key challenges for trauma survivors and physiotherapists working in the field. This will be complemented by an in-depth appreciation of the way in which physiotherapy interventions can be implemented and evaluated to optimise functional status, social participation and coping in traumatized individuals.


  1. Define key factors and representative impairments associated with mental and physical status, social participation and health related quality of life in individuals who have experienced trauma
  2. Explore challenges faced by physiotherapists working with trauma survivors
  3. Identify physiotherapy intervention methods and applications applied in the management of psychological and physical symptoms, social participation, and quality of life in traumatized individuals
  4. Consider approaches to developing and evaluating complex trauma-based physiotherapy interventions across varied populations and settings

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