Guideline: Development of a system of legislation/regulation/recognition of physical therapists

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy has produced this guideline to support its policy statement on  and its member organisations, in developing or reviewing systems of legislation/regulation/ of physical therapists, including the preparation of legislation, such as a Physical Therapy Practice Act. (While not recommended by WCPT, if only a Health Professions Act is in place, it should include the legislation/regulation/recognition of physical therapists). It is in the public interest for the practice of to be regulated as such systems protect the and safety of the public. Elements that are integral to regulation/recognition will also promote trust and confidence in the profession. Fundamental to these mechanisms is the identification of physical therapy as a responsible self-governing health profession that sets and maintains prescribed levels of . It should be noted that the legislation is usually prepared by government legal advisers who should consult with the profession. Additionally, responsibility for administration of the legislation may or may not rest with the profession. 

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