Congress programme committee meets to start planning programme for 2025

The World Physiotherapy congress programme committee (CPC) met in London recently to start developing the scientific programme for World Physiotherapy Congress 2025 in Tokyo.

The CPC held its first meeting in-person in London, 3-4 December 2023, and will now hold regular online meetings as planning for the congress, 29-31 May 2025, progresses. The CPC comprises 10 physiotherapists, representing the breadth and diversity of the global profession.

Members of the CPC with CEO Jonathon Kruger

After reviewing evaluation from the World Physiotherapy Congress 2023 and market research data, the CPC made initial decisions on the programme, including the session formats and topics that will help shape the programme for congress in 2025.

Catherine Joy Escuadra, CPC chair, said: “As the scientific programme is the backbone of a World Physiotherapy congress, planning an event that is attractive to national and international physiotherapists requires careful consideration of formats and areas that are significant to the global community.

“During our first meeting, we had lively and constructive discussions on emerging fields and relevant challenges in the health and wellbeing of populations around the globe, which will inform the congress programme for 2025.

“One of the decisions the CPC has made is to reshape some of the session formats to help speakers focus on tangible and applicable take-home messages to physiotherapy practice. Some of the main programme sessions will also be more clinically relevant, which will benefit all congress participants attending these sessions.

Members of CPC

“Networking sessions will be a crucial part of the congress as participants taking part in the congress in 2023 highlighted the benefits of networking opportunities available through attending an in-person event.

“Many congress session formats have been tried and tested, but we must review and adjust them to the evolving needs of the attending clinicians, educators, researchers, and others.

“For the first time, we will be offering drop-in sessions for potential focused symposium submitters to encourage and support those new to putting together these comprehensive proposals.” 

“In collaboration with the World Physiotherapy staff team, we look forward to developing an exciting and relevant experience for physiotherapists taking part in World Physiotherapy Congress 2025 in Tokyo.”

Members of the CPC with World Physiotherapy staff Lucy Ridley and Birgit Mueller-Winkler

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