Event platform for World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 online is live

The event platform for World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 online, 9-11 April 2021, is now live.

People can access the event session planner and use it to explore the livestream schedule which will run over six channels during the three days of congress. The planner also gives people access to the title, general description, chair, and speakers for each session. 

Congress participants can use the planner to build a timetable as they explore all the key sessions, and favourite the sessions they wish to add to their own personal planner:

The on demand section lists the platform and ePoster abstract presentations. 

Find out more about our congress exhibitors and partners.

For registered participants

Registered participants will be able to access all the abstracts when they become available on the event platform from 31 March.

They will also be able to access the on demand content when it becomes available on 8 April. The on demand content will be available for three months after congress, until 8 July.

Register for congress

Almost 2,000 people have already registered to take part in congress. Register NOW and join them to make sure you can connect with the global profession, and benefit from over 70 hours of live content delivered in 90 sessions across six parallel channels during the three days, and the on demand content.

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World Physiotherapy Congress 2021 online