Participants praise content and insights of World Physiotherapy leadership programme

Participants on the latest World Physiotherapy leadership programme have praised the content and insights shared during the course.

Following the successful completion of the pilot in early 2023, a second cohort has recently completed the online leadership programme and a third cohort started in late 2023. 

The second cohort comprised 25 participants from member organisations in as many countries/territories and all five World Physiotherapy regions.

Evaluation from this group indicated participants were very satisfied with the programme rating their experience on average as 95/100 on a sliding scale. Feedback included:

  • “The video presentations were very easy to understand giving practical examples. And this provided a good foundation to make the reading material much understandable.”
  • “The discussion sessions are well coordinated and very interactive”
  • “The case studies were bringing out the real life practical experience. They were good.”
Photo of Tine Kovacic

Tine Kovačič, Strokovno združenje fizioterapevtov Slovenije/Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists president, said: “My decision to apply for the leadership programme stemmed from a keen awareness of the need for strategic leadership within the Slovenian physiotherapy community. One notable concern was the unwieldy size of our executive committee, comprising 24 members. Recognising the challenges posed by such a large committee in terms of decision-making and efficiency, I sought solutions through the insights gained from the leadership programme.

“Through active participation in the programme, I became increasingly convinced of the importance of organisational structure in facilitating adaptability and responsiveness. Consequently, I proposed a restructuring of our executive committee, aligning it with the principles advocated by the leadership programme.

“This proposal wasn't merely administrative; it aimed to foster a more agile and effective leadership model. By engaging in open discussions and welcoming feedback from committee members and fellow physiotherapists, we navigated through the process of change, ultimately transitioning to a smaller, more cohesive executive committee of seven members. Our joint decision to propose and accept constitutional changes is really a important BIG step in fortifying the foundation of our association for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. It reflects a collective commitment to excellence, transparency, and adaptability.

“The insights gained from the leadership programme modules, particularly those focusing on governance and leadership dynamics, have prompted a re-examination of our organisational structure. I am convinced that restructuring our executive committee will enhance our capacity to navigate the evolving landscape of physiotherapy and address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."

Photo of Kakooza Isaac Musago

Kakooza Isaac Musago, Uganda Association of Physiotherapy (UAP) president, said: "I found immense value in exploring innovative solutions to real world challenges. 

“My case study was inspired by one of the course units, the one about membership. I focused on our project to develop a membership database for the association.

“We’ve had many issues with our membership database. Every time a new UAP executive administration came into office, they would find themselves struggling to track our members and would be forced to collect new data. This was due to the poor way the data was collected and stored.

“I believe the leadership programme not only sharpened my leadership skills but also demonstrated the tangible impact we can achieve through collaboration and forward-thinking initiatives. I believe this programme has not only equipped me with the tools to drive positive change within our profession but also empowered me to inspire others to do the same. I'm excited to see how this programme continues to cultivate future leaders and elevate our field."

Birgit Mueller Winkler, World Physiotherapy policy manager, said: “It is an honour to manage this programme and see how participants appreciate the topics covered during the 10-month course. The mixed-methods approach with monthly live online meetings allow the participants to share their experiences and connect with their peers.”

In October 2023, a group comprised of the leadership of World Physiotherapy specialty groups began the leadership programme and is due to conclude in mid-2024. Applications were received from 10 specialty groups and each group was allocated two places.

The online learning material provided by subject matter experts is complemented by monthly discussion sessions. The programme concludes with an online discussion forum where participants share case studies, informed by their experiences and knowledge gained during the programme. 

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