PEDro launches campaign to tackle barriers to evidence based physiotherapy

A new campaign, #PEDroTacklesBarriers, will focus on the four biggest barriers to evidence based physiotherapy. Each month the campaign, organised by the Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro), will share tips on how to tackle a particular barrier.

It was inspired by a recent systematic review by Matteo Paci and colleagues, investigating barriers to evidence based physiotherapy. The review included 29 studies reporting the opinions of nearly 10,000 physiotherapists. 

Lack of time was the most frequently encountered barrier, reported by 53% of physiotherapists. This was followed by language (36%), lack of access (34%), and lack of statistical skills (31%). 

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Between May 2022 and April 2023, the campaign will focus on each of the four biggest barriers to encourage physiotherapists around the globe to work collaboratively to implement the most relevant strategies into their practice. Physiotherapists who have encountered these barriers and developed strategies to overcome them will share their experiences, and the campaign will also share information about the methods used to conduct, analyse, report and interpret randomised controlled trials, to help physiotherapists tackle the barrier of lack of statistical skills.

The campaign will conclude with examples of how physiotherapists have overcome these four barriers, using evidence to make positive changes to their practice and improve health outcomes.

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#PEDroTacklesBarriers is supported by World Physiotherapy, Australian Physiotherapy Association, Italian Society of Physiotherapists, French Physiotherapy Society, and Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy

PEDro would like to hear from physiotherapists who have successfully tackled the barriers of time and language.

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