Regional priorities established at physiotherapy summit in South America region

Regional priorities were discussed and a tailored action plan developed at a regional physiotherapy summit in Costa Rica, 18-19 November 2022.

The summit, organised by the South America region, was attended by 22 people, including representatives from World Physiotherapy member organisations in the region. Participants also heard from representatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and World Physiotherapy subgroup International Neurologic Physical Therapy Association (INPA)

Heidi Kosakowski, World Physiotherapy head of membership, Sidy Dieye, World Physiotherapy head of programmes and development, and Pablo Davó Cabra, World Physiotherapy professional adviser, also attended the summit.

Viviana Pérez Zumbado, president of the Physical Therapy Commission of the Therapist Guild of Costa Rica, said “It was an honour for Costa Rica to host the regional SA summit. This summit allowed us to set the foundations to build a joint path where we will be able to make more visible the need for and the importance of physiotherapy in Latin America. Physiotherapy services need to be implemented in all levels of care, mainly looking towards the year 2030.”

After the summit, the World Physiotherapy team visited Medical Sciences University (UCIMED), Latin University of Costa Rica, Santa Paula University, University of Costa Rica, and the national rehabilitation centre (CENARE) in Costa Rica. 

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