World Physiotherapy advocates for physiotherapists in Peru

World Physiotherapy has been collaborating with physiotherapists in Peru, over the past few weeks, on their proposal to establish a college for physiotherapists in that country.

Gabriela Mallma, Peruvian Association of Physiotherapy president, said World Physiotherapy’s letter of support to the Peruvian government clearly set out clearly the international standards for the physiotherapy profession, the clinical practice, and the required university education.

She said: “World Physiotherapy’s support is invaluable. 

“The proposed law and the creation of the College of Physiotherapists of Peru is an important step for the physiotherapy profession in Peru. The proposed changes will have a clear beneficial impact on the whole of society because they move the physiotherapy profession in Peru to match international standards and reflect contemporary practice.

“Physiotherapists in Peru understand these proposals will make them more visible and accessible to people who need their services. 

“Being part of World Physiotherapy allows us to strengthen communication with our physiotherapy colleagues and improve the health of people in Peru.”

The Peruvian Association of Physiotherapy (Asociación Peruana De Fisioterapia or ASPETEFI) has been a member of World Physiotherapy since 1999, and is recognised by World Physiotherapy as the sole authorised voice of the physiotherapy profession in Peru. 

As a member organisation of World Physiotherapy, ASPETEFI has the responsibility of establishing educational standards and standards of professional practice for physiotherapists in Peru. ASPETEFI ensures that the necessary processes are in place to implement and monitor the standards of education and professional practice and to ensure that those who wish to practice physiotherapy in Peru comply with those standards.

Jonathon Kruger, World Physiotherapy chief executive officer, said: “Physiotherapy, as a health profession, plays a key role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the population. ASPETEFI has been leading the profession in Peru during the COVID-19 pandemic by developing a wide range of strategies to guarantee the care and recovery of patients and supporting physiotherapists and patients thought all this period. 

“All World Physiotherapy member organisations have the responsibility to support, promote and develop the role of physiotherapists ensuring that there are standards to provide quality service to the public. Likewise, all member organisations accept World Physiotherapy's policies and work to achieve standards of professional practice and education that are consistent with international benchmarks. 

“World Physiotherapy believes that physiotherapist entry level education should occur in the university environment. This education should equip physiotherapists to be first contact autonomous practitioners, able to assess and treat patients/clients without referral from another medical practitioner or other third party.”  

“We also believe those professionals who practice physiotherapy in Peru, to be called ‘physiotherapists’. We do not believe the title currently used ‘medical technologist in physiotherapy and rehabilitation’ reflects the current scope of practice and does not conform to international naming conventions established by global bodies, including World Health Organization (WHO).” 

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