World Physiotherapy pays tribute to Sandra Mercer-Moore

World Physiotherapy has learned of the death of Sandra Mercer-Moore, a world leader in physiotherapy who helped lay the foundations for the growth in our membership and our regions.

Emma Stokes, World Physiotherapy president, said: “Sandra was a remarkable woman and a great leader in physiotherapy. I had the pleasure of meeting her on many occasions while she was president.

“She was the first woman to serve two consecutive terms as our president, which clearly demonstrates not only her passion for the profession but also the esteem in which she was held by her colleagues from around the world. 

“However, this was just one of the many ‘firsts’ that she achieved in our community: she was also the first chair of our Asia Western Pacific region, as well as the inaugural chair of the International Private Practitioners Association, one of our subgroups.”

Brenda Myers, who as a former secretary general for the World Confederation for Physical Therapy worked closely with Sandra, said: “Sandra loved physiotherapy, politics, people and travel and her involvement in the profession nationally and internationally brought these loves together. 

“She believed that strong member organisations, regions and subgroups could strengthen the organisation and, most importantly, the profile and voice of the profession. 

“Of course, strong organisations require strong and willing leaders. There is no doubt that Sandra played her part and as a leader she enabled and supported those around her to achieve their full potential.”

Under her presidency, World Physiotherapy launched its first website in 2001 and membership reached 100 member organisations.

On our 60th anniversary, Sandra noted the organisation had come so far and that: “regionalisation was more successful than ever dreamed of, and during my presidency, the growth of membership, particularly in Middle East, stands out.” 

Sandra was a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association for 57 years and the association’s national president from 1991-1992. She was awarded Member of the Order of Australia for services to physiotherapy.

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