Slovenia: World PT Day 2019

In September and October 2019, 31 institutions organised 61 events in 20 places and 36 locations around Slovenia, including a press conference (54 events took place in September and seven in October).

In those two months, physiotherapists from Slovenia treated 1,677 participants of different ages as part of organized and health-friendly events (1,367 persons attended the events in September).

At local events, fellow physiotherapists organized and engaged in so-called "open days/weeks", lectures and/or training workshops (mostly related to the subject of "Physiotherapy and chronic pain"). They carried out measurements and testing, posture assessments, individual consultations, presentations of various preventive or therapeutic land and water exercises (mainly for a healthy spine, pelvic floor muscle training, shoulder training, osteoporosis, weight loss, balance and coordination exercises, strength, stretching exercises, breathing exercises). They also presented Nordic walking, Pilates and other recreational exercises, meditation, examinations and procedures in physiotherapy (kinesiology, manual therapy and supportive procedures in physiotherapy) in outpatient clinics and promoted physiotherapists’ activities in health and education centres and centres for health improvement, active breaks in work organizations, hiking on a nearby hill, etc.

Representatives of the Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists also promoted their profession and events at a national level by distributing World Physical Therapy Day posters and flyers and handing out leaflets of Slovenian Association of Physiotherapists A press conference was held at the association's head office. It was attended by many media reporters leading to reports in newspapers, TV and radio stations and posts on social media. 

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