Macau: World PT Day 2021

To celebrate World Physical Therapy Day 2021 the Macau Physical Therapists Association (MPTA) held several events.

Two events were held on Sunday 19 September to promote the importance of oncology rehabilitation. The event “Walking along with you in cancer rehab” was held for the public, while “Inter-disciplinary oncology rehab sharing meeting” was aimed at health professionals.

MPTA took the day as an opportunity to promote awareness of physiotherapists’ role in cancer rehabilitation. Two online seminars, “Physiotherapy intervention after Breast Cancer surgery” and “Physiotherapy Intervention in Colorectal Cancer Rehabilitation”, were presented to the public.

In addition, MPTA promoted this year's World PT Day theme by posting a Long COVID poster and related information provided by World Physiotherapy on their Facebook page to raise awareness of Long COVID and how physiotherapist can help in the management of Long COVID symptoms.

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