Macau: World PT Day 2023

As a member organisation of World Physiotherapy, the Macau Physical Therapist Association (MPTA) remains dedicated to promoting public health. In accordance with this year's theme, on 17 September, MPTA hosted a health lecture titled "Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pain Management."

During the lecture, our physiotherapists actively engaged with the attendees through an interactive health-themed millionaire game, aimed at increasing awareness of self-health management. Additionally, we provided a detailed introduction that covered the causes of rheumatoid arthritis, including its risk factors, symptoms at different stages, disease progression, and interdisciplinary treatment interventions for relieving pain and managing the underlying causes of rheumatoid arthritis. The physiotherapists also shared tips on reducing joint strain in daily life.

Lastly, we taught the attendees a set of exercises designed to improve joint mobility and muscle strength. The objective was to provide the public with a comprehensive understanding of rheumatoid arthritis and joint health maintenance, empowering them to promptly recognise symptoms, seek medical attention, and maintain a positive mindset.

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