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World Physiotherapy is producing a series of briefing papers exploring the impact of COVID-19 on education, practice and advocacy issues. We are now working on one on digital practice. We want to draw on the experiences of physiotherapists and include some case studies in the briefing paper. 

Some countries/territories have had digital practice physiotherapy service provision, including telehealth, for some time. With the COVID-19 pandemic, such services have seen a major increase in prevalence and the diversification in populations served. In addition, it has emerged as a new model for service delivery in other countries/territories.

World Physiotherapy is keen to understand more about the lessons learned this year and the implications for the future of physiotherapy and service delivery. In addition to input from our member organisations and subgroups, we are gathering feedback from individual physiotherapists via a short survey.

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The survey is open until 30 November 2020

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