World Physiotherapy advocates support for physiotherapist university education in Germany

Andrea Rädlein, Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie president, has welcomed support from World Physiotherapy and the Europe region for their campaign to reform the professional laws and implement nationwide bachelor’s degree physiotherapist education programmes in Germany.

Jonathon Kruger, World Physiotherapy chief executive officer, and Aitor Carpio Garcia, World Physiotherapy Europe region secretary general, have sent separate letters to Karl Lauterbach, the federal minister of health.

Andrea said: “We feel encouraged in our political action and thank Jonathon and Aitor for their concrete support and clarity towards the federal health minister Lauterbach.

"Germany is the only country in Europe where a vocational qualification is still sufficient for physiotherapists.

"We are looking forward to the minister's response to these two letters. One thing is certain: We will not let up and will continue to lobby the federal ministry of health, as well as the state ministries responsible for international relationships and the further development of physiotherapy in the interest of people in Germany."

In his letter, Jonathon said: "The situation in Germany, where physiotherapy education occurs at both a vocational and an academic level, needs to be resolved. It is clear that physiotherapy in Germany is continuing to fall behind international standards". 

The letter also underlines the role of Deutscher Verband für Physiotherapie, one of World Physiotherapy’s founding organisations in 1951, as a driving force to advance the long overdue amendment of the professional laws for physiotherapy. 

In his letter, Aitor said: "The reform of physiotherapy education in Germany should be aligned with the European and the profession's standards in which the competencies required by a qualified physiotherapist should be acquired at university level.”

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