Policy statement: Advanced physiotherapy practice

Advanced practice: In physiotherapy advanced practice includes:

  • a higher level of practice, functions, responsibilities, activities and capabilities
  • may be, but is not necessarily, associated with a particular occupational title e.g. ‘consultant physiotherapist’, ‘advanced physiotherapy practitioner’, ‘advanced practice physiotherapist’ ‘extended scope practitioner’
  • requires a combination of advanced and distinctly increased clinical and analytical skills, knowledge, clinical reasoning, attitudes and experience
  • results in the responsibility for the delivery of care to patients/clients more commonly with complex needs or problems safely and competently and to manage risk

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in has become a more common feature of the profession in the past decade in a number of countries. The emergence of opportunities reflects an area for significant development in the delivery of physiotherapy to meet the needs of society and evolving service delivery models.

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Advanced physiotherapy practice


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Pratique avancée de la kinesithérapie