Policy statement: Direct access and patient/client self-referral to physical therapy

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) advocates that to and /  will allow service users to meet their physical therapy . Physical therapy professional entry-level education prepares physical therapists to be primary contact autonomous practitioners, able to examine/assess, evaluate, diagnose, intervene/treat, determine outcomes and discharge patients/clients without referral from another professional (eg medical practitioner) or other third party. Further, WCPT advocates for service developments and delivery models that allow patients/clients improved services through the ability to refer themselves directly to a .

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Policy statement in multiple languages

Accès direct et auto-orientation du patient/client vers la kinesithérapie



理学療法士へ のダイレクト アクセスと患 者/クライアン トのセルフリ ファーラル (自己照会)



Acceso directo y autoderivación del paciente/cliente a la fisioterapia