Asia Western Pacific region webinar: Physiotherapy profession and technology 

Asia Western Pacific region webinar series

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This free webinar is kindly hosted by the Japanese Physical Therapy Association.

The webinar is only open to members of World Physiotherapy member organisations in the Asia Western Pacific region.

Webinar title

Physiotherapy profession and technology 

Date and time

22 January 2022, 10:00-11:30 UTC 

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Photo of Shinichi Daikuya

Introduction: Shinichi Daikuya, vice president of the Japanese Physical TherapyAssociation

Photo of Suh Fang Jeng

Guest speaker: Suh-Fang Jeng, chair, World Physiotherapy Asia Western Pacific region


Photo of Kentaro Nagata

Panel speaker: Kentaro Nagata, physiotherapist, Kariya Toyota General Hospital

Photo of Rieko Yamamoto

Panel speaker: Rieko Yamamoto, project assistant professor, department of rehabilitation medicine, Keio University


Photo of Shintaro Kudo

Panel speaker: Shintaro Kudo, professor, department of physical therapy, Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences

Webinar description

Technology changes our world.  

In our profession, we can see digital practice, distance learning, robotics, telerehabilitation, digital health, and electrophysical agents. 

Why and which aspect is it beneficial for our profession, and how? Having some examples, we will discuss and explore diverse aspects with audience 

Learning objectives

  • Share examples of physiotherapy practice and technology 
  • Discuss the possibility and applicability of technology in diverse settings 
  • Explore any issues relating to the use of technology in our profession and in the AWP region 

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