Macau: World PT Day 2019

To celebrate the 2019 World Physical Therapy Day, the Macau Physical Therapist Association (MPTA) held the public event “Let’s move to keep the brain healthy” on Sunday, 8 September 2019.

According to the WHO guidelines on risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia, physical exercise is one of the most important factors for maintaining brain health. Therefore, the “Exercise group for dementia prevention” was established by the MPTA, with the aim of designing an evidence-based exercise program to promote brain health for reducing the risk of cognitive decline.

MPTA took this opportunity of World Physical Therapy Day to promote this ‘Brain health exercise’ to the public. Approximately 40 participants aged between 60 and 80 participated in the exercise class. Under the guidance of our physiotherapists, participants chanted slogans as they exercised, in order to combine exercise and memory training. Booth games were also provided to introduce the table games for brain training to the public.

The theme for the 2019 World Physical Therapy Day was chronic pain. During the exercises class, physiotherapists also explained the importance of exercise in managing chronic pain and how exercise can break the vicious cycle of persistent chronic pain. Participants thoroughly enjoyed the exercise class and would like us to continue holding classes of this kind in the future.

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