Response to COVID-19 in Spain

Spain was one of the countries hardest-hit by COVID-19 crisis of 2020.

As part of its response to the crisis, the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists (AEF) prepared a guide with recommendations for people on the importance of staying active during lockdown

The guide included issues information and advice about: 

  • how to make changes to routines as a result of the lockdown 
  • recommendations for physical exercise during lockdown 
  • recommendations on how to adapt homes to provide telehealth 
  • how to avoid injuries when returning to sports after lockdown. 

AEF also gave free online access to its newspaper, El Fisioterapeuta, to share information about physiotherapists' role in managing the response, and produced documents to guide clinical practice for people working in primary care and giving specialised care in hospitals. 

World Physiotherapy's support during COVID-19 has strengthened the feeling of belonging. Together we are much stronger, and we will go much further.
Maria Martinez, Spanish Association of Physiotherapists spokespersonTweet this

Maria Martinez, spokesperson for the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists, said: "The World Physiotherapy COVID-19 information hub was extremely helpful. 

“It has allowed us access to a multitude of useful resources for patients and professionals. Campaigns like #PPE4PT have been especially useful for all the Spanish physiotherapists. 

“We also received support from World Physiotherapy in our call on the Spanish government for individual protection measures for our colleagues. This was a great help in making the strength of physiotherapy visible.” 

Maria said being a member of a global organisation is important, especially in an acute response situation.

“In a time of crisis like the current one, physiotherapists have been able to verify the importance of belonging to organisations that protect the interests of their members. 

"The work carried out by World Physiotherapy during COVID-19, through all the support provided to member organisations, has strengthened the feeling of belonging.

“It has consolidated the relevance of belonging to World Physiotherapy because together we are much stronger, and this is what makes us believe that we will go much further.”

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