Continuing professional development event recognition service

What is the continuing professional development event recognition service?

World Physiotherapy’s continuing professional development (CPD) event recognition service aims to enhance the quality of CPD events for physiotherapists around the world by offering a quality assurance process for CPD providers from countries/territories where national CPD recognition systems do not exist or for CPD providers seeking international recognition. The service is guided by World Physiotherapy’s Physiotherapist education framework. It underscores the importance of lifelong learning for physiotherapists to maintain their competence to practice and improve patient outcomes. 

The World Physiotherapy CPD event recognition service will benefit practicing physiotherapists who can be assured of the quality of the CPD they receive and support CPD providers and member organisations in fostering excellence in global physiotherapist education and practice.

How do I become a volunteer peer reviewer?

Could you help develop World Physiotherapy continuing professional development (CPD) event recognition service as a volunteer peer reviewer?

World Physiotherapy is inviting physiotherapists interested in and committed to advancing physiotherapist education and practice to apply to become volunteer CPD peer reviewers.

Complete the application form to become a volunteer peer reviewer.

How do I get recognition for my CPD event?

In a peer review process, CPD events that meet World Physiotherapy CPD quality requirements are awarded World Physiotherapy continuing education units (CEUs), on the basis of one CEU for one hour of learning. The service is available to a number of CPD providers, including World Physiotherapy regional executive committees, specialty groups, networks, and member organisations, as well as other qualified commercial and non-commercial entities. Events recognised under this service may be delivered nationally and/or internationally. CPD providers must apply for recognition using CEU Locker. The review process takes 10 weeks to complete, and a tiered application fee structure is used.

Fees for CPD providers



1-3 contact hours

3-7 contact hours

7 or more contact hours

High income countries/territories 100%£99£199£299
Middle income countries/territories 75%£75£149£225
Low income countries/territories 50%£49£99£149

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