Education accreditation service

World Physiotherapy offers an education accreditation service to physiotherapy professional entry level programmes.

World Physiotherapy reviewers assess the programmes against our guidelines for physiotherapist professional entry level education (new version due August 2020).

Accreditation is a type of quality assurance process which uses all aspects of review and assessment according to pre-defined standards. We have developed the process to enable accreditation/recognition to be granted to an educational programme when it meets the World Physiotherapy  guidelines.

Who is eligible?

The service is designed for programmes in countries/territories where there is no accreditation process, and for higher education providers of professional entry level programmes with national accreditation who are seeking to meet additional world standards.

Programmes in countries/territories where there is no World Physiotherapy member organisation are also eligible.

What are the objectives?

The service provides an optional pathway for international accreditation/recognition in addition to existing national programmes. It aims to contribute to the development of professional education internationally, leading to improved quality and availability of physiotherapy services. A high standard of education results not only in well educated professionals providing quality services, but also an enhanced ability to attract faculty.

For more information, including details on fees, please contact [email protected]


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