Accredited programmes

View our list of World Physiotherapy accredited programmes.

World Physiotherapy has accredited the following programmes based on independent review conducted according to the our guidelines for physiotherapist professional entry level education.

Continued accreditation/conditional accreditation is dependent on submission of satisfactory annual reports, and review and re-accreditation at the end of a period of accreditation.

For further information about the World Physiotherapy  accreditation service, please contact [email protected]

List of accredited programmes






Status awarded

Accreditation ends

Capital Medical UniversityChinaBachelor Degree in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation15 November 201714 November 2022
Fujian University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChinaBachelor Degree in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation14 June 201713 June 2023
Kunming Medical UniversityChinaBachelor of Science in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation14 June 201713 June 2022
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese MedicineChinaBachelor of Science (BSc) in Rehabilitation Therapy (Physical Therapy)Full Accreditation27 June 201626 June 2023
Sichuan UniversityChinaBachelor of Science in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation14 June 201713 June 2022
Tongji UniversityChinaBachelor Degree in Physical TherapyAccreditation with conditions12 August 201911 August 2024
Rosario UniversityColombiaBachelor Degree in PhysiotherapyFull Accreditation17 April 201916 April 2024
Cairo UniversityEgyptBachelor Degree in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation11 October 201710 October 2022
Satakunta University of Applied ScienceFinlandBachelor of Health CareFull Accreditation23 March 202127 January 2025
Semmelweis UniversityHungaryNursing and Patient Care (Physiotherapy) Bachelor of ScienceAccreditation with conditions26 February 201925 February 2023
Jordan University of Science and TechnologyJordanBachelor of ScienceFull Accreditation15 July 201915 April 2023
University of JordanJordanBachelor of ScienceFull Accreditation23 March 202115 April 2023
Beirut Arab UniversityLebanonBachelor of Science in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation31 July 201826 June 2023
Saint Joseph UniversityLebanonBachelor of Science in PhysiotherapyFull Accreditation23 June 202114 July 2024
Université AntonineLebanonBachelor of ScienceFull Accreditation15 July 201915 April 2023
Universidad Europea de MadridSpainBachelor Degree in Physical TherapyFull Accreditation14 June 201713 June 2022
Hacettepe UniversityTurkeyBachelor of Science in PhysiotherapyAccreditation with conditions28 January 202027 January 2025

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