Candidates for election to president and vice president announced

World Physiotherapy has announced the candidates for election to president and vice president. An online election will take place during the general meeting in May 2023.

The following candidates have been nominated:


Vice president 

The vote will be conducted online, and electronic ballots will be sent, during the general meeting, to the voting delegate for eligible member organisations. Further details on the voting process will be provided in the rules of procedure when the agenda papers for the general meeting are distributed in March 2023. 

As there is only one candidate for vice president there will not be an election. The constitution requires member organisations to appoint the nominee with a resolution. This will occur during the general meeting. 

The new president and vice president will begin their terms on 4 June 2023 and will each serve a 4-year term, which is due to finish in mid-2027. 

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