IOPTMH members

Current members of the International Organisation of Physiotherapy in Mental Health (IOPTMH)

Current members

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association Mental Health Group (Australia)
  • Board of Physiotherapy in Mental Health (BPMH) (Bangladesh)
  • Fachliches Netzwerk Mental Health (Austria)
  • AXXON Belgian Clinical Interest Group in Mental Health (Belgium)
  • Brazilian Interest Group in Mental Health (Brazil)
  • Chilean Scientific Society of Physiotherapists in Mental Health (Chile)
  • Group of Physiotherapy in Mental Health (Colombia)
  • Faggruppe i psykiatrisk og psykosomatisk fysioterapi (Denmark)
  • Asociación Ecuatoriana de Fisioterapia en Salud Mental (Ecuador)
  • Estonian Subsection of Physiotherapy in Mental Health (Estonia)
  • Ethiopian Physiotherapists' Association (Ethiopia)
  • Finnish Association of Psychophysical Physiotherapy (Finland)
  • Scientific department of “Physiotherapy in Mental Health” of the Pan-Hellenic Physiotherapy Association (Greece)
  • Asociación de Fisioterapeutas/Association of Physiotherapists (Guatemala)
  • Mental Health Working Group of the Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association (Hong Kong)
  • Faghopur Islenska sjukrabjalfa I gedsjukrapjalfun og salvefrænni naglum (Iceland)
  • Japanese Special Interest Group of Physical Therapy in Mental Health (Japan)
  • Latvian physiotherapy in Mental Health (Latvia)
  • Associación Mexicana de Fisiotherapia en Salud Mental (Mexico)
  • Nederlandse vereniging voor Psychosomatische Fysiotherapie (Netherlands)
  • Physiotherapy New Zealand Section for Mental Health (New Zealand)
  • Norwegian Psychomotor Physiotherapists (Norway)
  • Ordem dos Fisioterapeutas/Order of Physiotherapists (Portugal)
  • South African Society of Physiotherapy: Mental Health Physiotherapy Group (South Africa)
  • Asociación Española de Fisioterapeutas en Salud Mental (Spain)
  • Swedish Association of Physiotherapists in Mental Health (Sweden)
  • Schweizerische Arbeitsgruppe für Physiotherapie in der Psychosomatik und Psychiatrie (Switzerland)
  • Turkish physiotherapists working in the patient with mental health (Turkey)
  • Chartered Physiotherapists in Mental Healthcare (United Kingdom)
  • American Physical Therapy Association (United States)

Network of interested colleagues

Within IOPTMH, there is a network of individual physiotherapists, representing more than 50 countries/territories from six continents. The network includes practitioners, educators and researchers.


To become a member (country/territory) of IOPTMH, the national physiotherapy association must be a World Physiotherapy member organisation. For further information, please contact the president, Daniel Catalan – [email protected]

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