Nominees for board elections

World Physiotherapy holds elections for board members as required in accordance with the constitution. To stagger the time of elections, the member organisations agreed at the general meeting in May 2019 to the terms of three board members being two years, that is, from 2019-2021. As a result, World Physiotherapy member organisations will now elect three board members from the following regions:

  • Europe
  • North America Caribbean
  • South America

The new board members will begin their terms on 1 July 2021 and each will serve a 4-year term from 2021-2025.

The candidates for election as regional board members are listed below.

World Physiotherapy member organisations in the relevant region are eligible to vote.


Election timetable

Vote opens: 1 June

Vote closes: 29 June

Vote outcome announced: 30 June


Europe region

Maria Fernandez Munoz

Maria Fernandez Munoz, of the Spanish Association of Physiotherapists

Pascale Mathieu

Pascale Mathieu, of the French National Council of Physiotherapists

John Xerri de Caro

John Xerri de Caro, of the Malta Association of Physiotherapists

North America Caribbean region

Alice Aiken

Alice Aiken, of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

Janet Bezner

Janet Bezner, of the American Physical Therapy Association 

Stacy de Gale

Stacy de Gale, of the Physiotherapy Association of Trinidad and Tobago

South America region

Karim Martina Alvis Gomez

Karim Martina Alvis Gómez, of the Colombian Association of Physiotherapy